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Watch: Kim Rae Won Trusts Lee Da Hee With His Life In Intro For Upcoming Drama “L.U.C.A”

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tvN’s upcoming dramatization “L.U.C.A” has unveiled a brand-new poster and also teaser!

“L.U.C.A” is an activity thriller about a guy named Ji Oh (Kim Rae Won) that is being gone after for his unique capacities, and a fierce crimes investigator named Gu Reum (Lee Da Hee), that is the only one that remembers him.

The drama is directed by Kim Hong Sun (“Voice,” “The Guest”) and written by Chun Sung Il (“The Pirates,” “My Sweetheart Is an Agent”). Various other stars in the actors include Kim Sung Oh, Kim Sang Ho, Park Hyuk Kwon, Ahn Nae Sang, Jin Kyung, Jung Da Eun, Kim Min Gwi, and also Lee Joong Ok.

The drama previously unveiled team posters as well as specific posters for both leads. The brand-new poster is a “pair” poster that portrays the connection dynamic in between Ji Oh and also Gu Reum. Although Ji Oh possesses special capacities that could turn the world upside down, the only area worldwide that he is secure is in Gu Reum’s arms. The motto reviews, “If I endure, I’ll go to you,” hinting that the two have a common past and also fate.

A resource from the production personnel stated,”Ji Oh, who was born solid as well as thrown out into the globe alone, and Gu Reum, the only person that can offer him safety and security and also salvation, are connected by an awful fate. A bottom line in the drama is how their connection modifications as Ji Oh is ruthlessly hunted down. Please anticipate the feelings produced by the 2 stars’ synergy in the middle of the powerful action scenes.”

The brand-new intro gives a tip at the bitter past that attaches them both. As Kim Rae Won breaks down in Lee Da Hee’s arms, she says in commentary, “Why aren’t you fleing?” He reacts, “Since if I run away, I hesitate I will not be captured by you once more.” Lee Da Hee views anxiously as Kim Rae Won is revived from a mishap in the hospital as well as says, “Also if I need to dig through your mind, I’ll determine what took place.” The scene flashes to a childhood years picture and a scene of him doing CPR on her. He says, “And suppose I become the one who killed your parents?” She responds with a flash of steel, “After that you’ll die also.” However, she begins to heat to him as she claims, “Don’t place your life on the line for me again. As well as do not go until I state you can go,” and also he makes the promise.

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