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See: BTS Takes 30th Victory For “Dynamite” On “Songs Financial Institution”; Performances By Rainfall X Park Jin Young, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, ENHYPEN, As well as Much more

Info seputar HK Prize 2020 – 2021.

The January 8 episode of” Music Financial institution “included BTS’s “Dynamite” as well as BTS’s” Life Goes On “as candidates for first place. BTS took their 30th win for “Dynamite” with 4,447 factors over 2,441 points for”

Life Takes place.” Today’s performers consist of BXK, BOYHOOD, ENHYPEN, MCND, Rain and also Park Jin Youthful, STAYC, woo!ah!, Gaho, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, Norazo, DKB, Song Ga In, Dessert Grief, Ahn Yeeun, Jeong Sewoon, and Hong Eun Ki.

Victor News:

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real “> Watch today’s efficiencies listed below: BXK–“

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ENHYPEN–” Let Me In (20 DICE)” Hong Eun Ki–” On & On”

Sweet Grief– “Delighted New Year” STAYC–” Means To Go” DKB– “Tell Me Tell Me” MCND–” MCND Age” and also” Crush” Ahn Yeeun–” Waltz ” Norazo–” Hope You Become Rich” and also “Your Lot of money” Gaho–” Begin again” Jeong Sewoon–“: m (Mind)” as well as “In the Dark” Tune Ga In– “Fantasize” and “I Like Trot” Sunggyu– “Discolor” Rain X Park Jin Youthful– “Switch over to Me” Just how does this short article make you really feel?