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“Run On” Previews Heart-Fluttering Dope In Main Characters’ Relationships

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JTBC’s “Work on” released new stills of the four major characters ahead of tonight’s episode!

“Run On” tells the tale of individuals attempting to get in touch with each other in their own languages after having lived in different worlds as well as at various rates. Im Siwan stars as Ki Sun Kyum, a former track as well as field professional athlete who retires after a life-changing occasion, while Shin Se Kyung plays Oh Mi Joo, a daring international film translator. Women’ Generation’s Sooyoung plays Search engine optimization Dan Ah, an ambitious sporting activities firm CEO, and also Kang Tae Oh is art trainee Lee Youthful Hwa.


Formerly, Ki Sun Kyum as well as Oh Mi Joo experienced several ups as well as downs in their partnership after he stayed out all evening without letting her know where he was. Although Ki Sun Kyum wanted to fix the problem, Oh Mi Joo didn’t make it easy for him as she continued to shut him out. The end of the previous episode saw Oh Mi Joo calling Ki Sun Kyum’s name when she dropped ill after he informed her that he wanted to be a person that can look out for her whenever she was ill.

New stills show Ki Sun Kyum hard at work at his brand-new part-time work as a motorist at the filming website where Oh Mi Joo is working as a translator. Oh Mi Joo seems back in good health as she leaps back into the battle royal at the filming location, radio in hand.

As Ki Sun Kyum rests atop a ledge dutifully remembering, Oh Mi Joo contemplates him with an unreadable stare. Another still shows Ki Sun Kyum viewing in shock as Oh Mi Joo extends her hand toward him. Audiences are already anticipating how their partnership will certainly advance after the preview at the end of the last episode disclosed Ki Sunlight Kyum telling her,”I’ve been doing that point you asked me to.

You asked me to like you.”This comes after Oh Mi Joo drunkenly asked him to like her one night– a night she does not bear in mind. The drama’s production group shared,”Although they have composed and grown closer to every other, there are still things that Ki Sun Kyum has been unable to inform Oh Mi Joo. Make sure to enjoy tonight’s episode to find out if both people that now live and also collaborate will be able to realize their feelings for each other. “An additional collection of stills discloses a shocking growth between Seo Dan Ah and Lee Youthful Hwa, that are understood for their constant squabble. The photos reveal a completely contrary ambience in between the pair as they share an umbrella in the middle of a downpour. Search engine optimization Dan Ah blinks an uncharacteristically intense smile at Lee Young Hwa as she covers her arm around his shoulders, and also Lee Youthful Hwa grins at her in return. Their relationship began when Lee Youthful Hwa’s paint captured Seo Dan Ah’s eye someday in

a coffee shop, and also their current conferences have typically consisted of Seo Dan Ah bothering him for a rough draft of the paint she wants him to develop for her. Nevertheless, the dramatization’s manufacturing group hinted at a modification in both’s partnership as they commented, “The progressive accumulation of Seo Dan Ah’s and also Lee Young Hwa’s emotions will begin to intensify beginning with tonight’s episode. Starting with the reason of Search engine optimization Dan Ah’s time being smeared on Lee Young Hwa’s painting, please maintain enjoying as their romantic story begins to bloom. “The following episode of” Run On”airs on January 13 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, view Shin Se Kyung in”Bride-to-be of the Water God”

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