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Kim Youthful Kwang And Lee Sun Bin All Of A Sudden Make A Powerful Duo In “OBJECTIVE: POSSIBLE”

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Kim Young Kwang and Lee Sun Bin’s upcoming movie “MISSION: POSSIBLE” disclosed its main poster!

“MISSION: POSSIBLE” is a rejuvenating comic activity motion picture concerning Woo Soo Han (Kim Young Kwang), a private investigator that will certainly do anything as long as he earns money in advance, and also Yoo Da Hee (Lee Sunlight Bin), an enthusiastic secret agent, who form an unlikely collaboration to address an arms contraband instance.

In the brand-new major poster, Woo Soo Han stretches out his lengthy legs and also quickly holds up Yoo Da Hee in his 2 arms. He appears serious, Woo Soo Han has a tip of mischievousness in his expression. Yoo Da Hee also looks comfy as she maneuvers one leg over Woo Soo Han’s shoulder as well as skillfully aims her weapon with one hand. Like their relationship, their pose appears to suggest that Woo Soo Han as well as Yoo Da Hee are an unpleasant but unexpectedly excellent fit.

In addition to their intricate position, the message on the poster reviews, “Procedure, as long as it’s provided, we’re available anytime.” Customers wonder to discover how the “insane duo” with different objectives will make an impossible mission feasible.

Kim Young Kwang, who will certainly play a character of a life time through this movie, and also Lee Sun Bin, who’s understood for being great at both funny and also activity, are anticipated to showcase an amusing chemistry. The enhancement of the high quality action scenes and a tense atmosphere to the comedy spy film will have viewers a lot more connected to the upcoming movie.

“GOAL: POSSIBLE” premieres on February 17. View a trailer for the film right here!

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