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Joo Won Reveals The Unusual Point He Did To Try To Expand Taller In Intermediate School

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On the latest episode of “Ask Us Anything,” Joo Won shared an entertaining story from his elementary school days!

The star appeared as a visitor on the January 23 broadcast of the JTBC variety show, where he revealed that he made use of to be bothered with his elevation when he was a child.

During the guessing-game segment of the program, Joo Won asked the “Ask Us Anything” cast to presume the unusual thing he did all the time in his 2nd year of middle school. When the participants appropriately presumed that the habit had been an attempt to expand taller, Joo Won described, “Other than my older brother and also me, everybody in my household is short.”

When asked about his parents’ height, the star replied, “My daddy is 168 centimeters tall, and also my mommy is 155 centimeters. Yet I’m 185 centimeters, and also my older bro is 180 centimeters.”

Ultimately, after numerous vital tips, Search engine optimization Jang Hoon finally arrived on the appropriate response: back in intermediate school, Joo Won consumed

tons of baby formula after hearing a report that eating it would make you expand taller.”During my very first couple of years of primary school, I was among the taller children in my grade, yet beginning in 6th grade, I stopped growing totally, “claimed Joo Won.”So in my 2nd year of intermediate school, I was the second-shortest kid in my course, including both girls as well as kids.”

“Yet I heard this report that if you consumed baby formula, you would certainly obtain taller,” he proceeded. “Since it’s not something that misbehaves for you, I made a decision to try eating it. I would eat it straight out of the container every single day.”

As there is no clinical proof to support the rumor, Joo Won hypothesized that he had coincidentally started consuming the infant formula right before his development spurt was due to occur anyway.

“So I was eating it right out of the container every single day, as well as honestly, that happened to be right when I was about to strike my development eruption,” said the actor. “So I expanded about 20 centimeters in simply my second year of intermediate school alone.”

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