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Jo Yeo Jeong, Go Joon, Kim Young Dae, Yeonwoo, And Even More Share Final Ideas On “Cheat On Me If You Can”

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As KBS’s “Rip off on Me If You Can” came to a close on January 28, the cast shared their last ideas on their drama.

“Rip off on Me If You Can” is a dark funny regarding grownups who get up to all sorts of bad behavior and facilities around the unusual marital relationship in between a murder mystery author as well as a divorce legal representative whose life is forfeit if he is captured having an event.

Jo Yeo Jeong claimed,”I am happy that we handled to finish up shooting with every person healthy as well as risk-free despite these challenging circumstances. Yeo Joo was a tough character to play, but there was a lot of enjoyable as well as incentive in the function, so it was a meaningful time. I am likewise best regards thankful to the visitors that enjoyed our

dramatization as well as sent us their love.” Go Joon said,”The relationship between the actors and team was fairly close in this production. After the final shooting, I could not go house as well as spent a great deal of time spending time the set. It was a terrific drama that I found out a lot from as well as had a lot of enjoyable with. I assume that I will miss these people for a long time.

“He shared his thanks to visitors for sending their love and also support and also guaranteed to return with a brand-new task quickly. About his character, he said,”Whatever he assumed or did, he’s tough to forgive since he was unfaithful. Han Woo Sung was birthed with an altruistic side. He had a cozy heart and also was open-hearted to all. And also he loved Kang Yeo Joo. He was always keeping an eye on what his better half may assume. I considered it as resembling a youngster who understands he’s done incorrect and also is on side around his mom. So he really did not dedicate affairs, he would have been rather an appealing character.”

Kim Young Dae stated, “I ‘m glad that we had the ability to movie safely up until the end. It was an honor to work with such impressive senior actors, and also thanks to their respect and also care, I assume I had the ability to learn as well as grow a great deal. I am also grateful to the viewers and also fans that sent their love for the drama and to me. I will certainly show more of myself via varied tasks in future, so please eagerly anticipate it. Please care for your health and wellness as well as beware of colds this winter season.”

Yeonwoo said,” [The time I invested filming] was a time in which I can learn a lot thanks to the directors, stars, as well as all the manufacturing staff. Unlike the blood-chilling storyline, there was constantly a cozy and unified atmosphere on set, so I always looked forward to filming. I’m glad that we were able to conclude with everybody healthy and balanced. Thank you for viewing the dramatization and I will certainly return with an additional good job quickly.”

Jung Sang Hoon said,”The seasons changed three times as we recorded this dramatization. Since we began in summertime and ended in wintertime, the production team underwent quite a hard time. I collaborated with Jo Yeo Jeong once more for the first time in twenty years and had such fantastic chemistry with Go Joon. I was likewise satisfied to deal with Track Ok Soon, Lee Se Na, Lee Si Years, as well as various other remarkable stars, as well as I wish to thank them as well as the production staff for working hard to ensure we might complete filming well. Thank you additionally the visitors who saw and liked our dramatization.”

Bae Noo Ri claimed,”I developed a lot of affection for the actors as well as staff through the enjoyable as well as friendly environment on collection that was so various from the thriller style of the dramatization. I more than happy to have actually invested this grea ttime, from the summer season of 2020 to the existing winter season, consisting of the beginning of 2021, with such excellent directors, staff, and also co-stars. The dramatization is over, however I wish that my personality will continue to strive wherever she is. Thank you for viewing until now, as well as I will certainly return with an additional task quickly.”

Kim Do Hyun said,”It’s currently completion. As quickly as a project concerns an end, every moment feels nostalgic. I always expected shooting due to the fact that so many good individuals got on collection and also always dealt with each various other. I am extremely grateful that we were able to wrap up the drama without any major incidents or situations of COVID-19 throughout the moment of the pandemic. Thanks to all those who liked ‘Cheat on Me If You Can’ as well as Nam Gi Ryong.”

Han Soo Yeon said, “The majority of my scenes were with Go Joon. He constantly maintained the atmosphere on set enjoyable, and thanks to his treatment and also regard, I obtained a lot of aid. I am very happy to him. I will certainly remember this dramatization for a very long time because of the enjoyable set that was created through the efforts of a fantastic supervisor, team, and elderly and younger stars. Thanks additionally to the customers that supported on my chemistry with Go Joon.”

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