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CRAVITY Shows Back On Their Debut Year + Talks About Their New Cd And Also Future Goals

Info seputar HK Prize 2020 – 2021.

On the release of their 3rd mini cd “PERIOD 3 HIDEOUT: BE OUR VOICE,” CRAVITY joined a meeting concerning their latest return.

Serim claimed, “It really feels excellent to kick off 2021 with a title track like ‘My Turn.’ We’re mosting likely to maintain running hard to make sure that this year will be CRAVITY’s year. I believe that we’ll be able to show CRAVITY’s shades extra plainly with this album, so I wish individuals will look forward to it.”

Hyeongjun claimed, “‘My Turn’ is a track in which all 9 members showed off their individual colors. We likewise benefited each member to get a rely on shine during the efficiency. There’s additionally a component in the third verse where we start dancing as if we’ve won.”

Inquired about the most memorable moments of their profession so far, Jungmo stated, “I was really moved when the participants were chosen to launching, and also the close friends I had actually educated with would certainly now enter of the exact same group. As we were planning for this album, we assumed a whole lot concerning our past with the members. It seemed like we were making memories with each other and I really felt a new sense of appreciation.”

Woobin stated, “I believe that the moment of our launching and our first No. 1 were most memorable and also relocating due to the fact that they represented the outcomes of the participants’ effort.”

Allen said, “I assume that the experience we’ve accumulated over the past nine months has made us elder as well as able to connect more to our fans. We’ve been familiar with each various other far better as a team, and our dreams as well as dreams have grown as we combine our different mindsets into the exact same mindset.”

Wonjin stated, “I believe that with each album, we’re locating increasingly more of our own shade. We’re likewise communicating with our fans and narrowing the distance between us. The bond in between the members is also getting more powerful, which makes our synergy more powerful also.”

Minhee claimed, “I believe that I realize the well worth of our existence when we’re depending on stage and also vocal singing for our followers. CRAVITY’s existence beams more when our followers are sending us their countless love.” Seongmin concurred, “I really feel the worth of our existence the most when we get on phase. I assume that our clear task is to reveal good tracks as well as excellent efficiencies. That’s why we feel a sense of incentive when we work hard to prepare performances. I feel honored to assume that I carried out well as part of CRAVITY. The phase makes me realize why I live.”

About their future goals, Taeyoung said, “I want us to be called ‘CRAVITY who swept the music market this year.’ I likewise would certainly like for this cd to get a great deal of interest abroad to make sure that we can travel.”

Look into CRAVITY’s “My Turn” music video here!

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