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Lee Jung Jae As Well As Lee Elijah Meet Kwon Sang Woo And Jung Woo Sung In “Delayed Justice” As Their Characters In “Principal Of Personnel”

On January 20, SBS released stills of Lee Jung Jae and Lee Elijah’s special appearance in the dramatization “Delayed Justice.” Lee Jung Jae and also Lee Elijah will certainly be showing up in “Delayed Justice” as Jang Tae Joon, a participant of the National Setting up, and his advisor, Yoon Hye Won. These are their characters from the dramatization “Principal of Staff.” Kwak …

With simply two episodes left in its run, Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Woo Sung, as well as Kim Joo Hyun are in a race versus time to expose the fact behind Kim Kap Soo, the guy behind the elite team. Amid this stressful scenario, viewers are intrigued to locate out what duty the National Assembly participant and his advisor will certainly play as they visit Kwon Sang Woo’s workplace. Lee Jung Jae welcomes Kwon Sang Woo with an easy smile that recommends that he has a good factor for being there. A resource from the manufacturing staff stated, “National Setting up participant Lee Jung Jae as well as his advisor, Lee Elijah, who are working to alter the world, will certainly offer a brand-new turning factor to the tale of Kwon Sang Woo and Jung Woo Sung’s mission for justice.

By Roy Walker

SHINee’s Minho Talks About His 1st Perception Of Super Junior’s Heechul + Exactly how He’s Altered

SHINee’s Minho shared the tale of the very first time he fulfilled Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as a student! On the January 17 episode of SBS’s “My Hideous Duckling,” Minho made a guest appearance as a special MC. During the show, the hosts raised his labelmate Heechul, whose mom was present in the workshop.

We were all hanging out with each other, but after that it just so happened that Heechul and also I were the only 2 left in the dorm. They likewise informed me, due to the fact that Heechul had a cat at the time,’You need to never ever touch that cat. Minho went on, “However luckily, Heechul began chatting to me. Shin Dong Yup then pointed out that Heechul had actually changed a lot since those days, and Minho concurred with an expression of wonder, “He’s totally various.

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Make Way For The Queens: 10 Best Korean Actresses Of 2020

This is it – the feature of all features as we shine lights on the Korean actresses who have done their dues, entertaining the world in their respective roles. Most of these actresses have been in the industry for a long time and have proven time and time again that they’re the best of the…

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Peringkat Reputasi Merek Anggota Boy Group Desember Diumumkan

Institut Studi Bisnis Korea telah mengungkapkan peringkat reputasi brand bulan ini buat setiap anggota boy group! Pemeringkatan ditentukan melalui analisis partisipasi konsumen, liputan media, komunikasi, dan ruang kesadaran masyarakat dari 653 anggota boy group, menggunakan data tinggi yang dikumpulkan dari 19 November hingga 19 Desember.

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7 Idola K-Pop Pria yang Benar-benar Menggoyang The Man Bun

Awak senang melihat bintang K-pop kesayangan kami berpetualang dengan gaya bulu mereka, dan akhir-akhir ini semakin banyak idola pria yang mengayunkan rambut lama mereka dengan gaya. Man bun benar-benar masuk, dan jika menetapkan buktinya, berikut adalah tujuh kesayangan pria yang bisa membuat man bun itu bekerja seperti no…

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2020 The Fact Music Awards Mengumumkan Susunan Penyaji Bertabur Bintang

The Fact Music Awards telah mengungkapkan lineup presenter untuk upacara penghargaan malam ini! Pada 12 Desember, panitia penyelenggara The Fact Music Awards secara resmi mengumumkan bahwa Lee Dong Wook, Rain, Ha Ji Won, Park Hae Peri, Kim Hye Yoon, dan Lee Tae Ri semuanya akan mendatangi acara mendatang untuk mempersembahkan penghargaan.