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7 Charming K-Pop MVs That Are Simply Royal

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Excellent video typically emit a refined perspective of the song by either mirroring its lyrics or adding an entire subliminal audio phase that matches the story that’s being told.

When it comes to K-pop, the cinematography gets to an entire new degree. Some aesthetic setups are so captivating that they show royal energy, often literally. Allow’s find the following highlighted music videos that are so fascinating, we would certainly think they come straight out of a Disney prince(ss) film!

1. GOT7– “Not By The Moon”

7 princes, one moon: Required I state a lot more? Well, the MV claims plenty as we’re blessed with marvelous landscapes as GOT7 offers a shiny choreography under the moonlight. Additionally, allow’s not fail to remember Jackson taking the throne and using a tilted crown like a complete badass.

2. (G) I-DLE–“Lion”( G) I-DLE takes us by surprise with every comeback they make. In this spectacular visual representation, the sextet declares the crown both in their lyrics as well as through their choreography while every one of them with dignity rocks an expensive tiara.

3. NU’EST– “Wager Wager” To savor the glamour in this one, you’ll need to enjoy until the very end. The major part of the MV reveals NU’EST as knights in glossy footwear and dark”shield” suits, remaining by their queen’s side in any way times. Their story ends with them finding their paradise, and also per their cd title, they lived gladly ever before after.

4. DreamCatcher–“Deja Vu”The majority of royal residence stories have betrayal as a significant event-turning factor, and also DreamCatcher does the same in this double-crossing story. An epic battle happens where the participants turn against each other in order to swipe the throne, and also the finishing could not have actually been visualized.

5. VIXX– “Dreamland” Let’s encounter it, all of VIXX’s ideas are fantasia incarnate, as well as this one is no various. Every little thing about”Paradise”is merely alluring, specifically the fan-incorporated dance bottom line. Plus, their personalities as dark princes with kind hearts follow them in nearly every resurgence!

6. Park Bom–“Do Not Cry”It appears like Park Bom went across a website that landed her in a deserted castle. The gloominess of the weather is quelled with the phantom of a dynamic butterfly that leads her through an attractive garden to her royal prince charming.

7. BTS–“Blood Sweat & Tears”The opening of this MV feels like the participants are princes sent to prison inside a dream book with a threatening twist. The complying with scenes are as ethereal as they are interesting, enhanced by a bewitching choreography that is absolutely nothing except perfect.

Which royal-themed MV is your favorite? Did we miss any kind of? Allow us recognize in the comments below.

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