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3 Minutes From “Mr. Queen” That Made Visitors’ Hearts Flutter

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In addition to providing great deals of laughs, action, and also royal residence intrigue, tvN’s hit drama “Mr. Queen” has additionally maintained customers’ hearts competing with its reasonable share of swoon-worthy moments!

“Mr. Queen” is a historic fantasy-comedy dramatization regarding a guy from modern-day times whose soul gets entraped in the body of a queen from the Joseon empire. Shin Hye Sunlight stars as Kim So Yong, the Joseon queen with the heart of Blue Home cook Jang Bong Hwan trapped inside her, while Kim Jung Hyun plays her husband King Cheoljong.

Week after week, Kim Jung Hyun has been taking hearts as the romantic King Cheoljong, who has ended up being progressively fascinated by the sudden adjustment in his queen’s habits.


Here are three of the most unforgettable moments from “Mr. Queen” in which Kim Jung Hyun made customers’ hearts skip a beat:

1. Cheoljong offering Kim So Yong his umbrella

Cheoljong was both shocked as well as moved when Kim So Yong suddenly conserved both him as well as Jo Hwa Jin(Seol In Ah)from risk at the end of Episode 4. Confused by her unpredictable actions, yet beginning to see her in a brand-new light, Cheoljong composed his mind to say sorry to her and also sought her out

in the rain. When he found Kim So Yong dancing for happiness in the putting rain (believing that she had finally located a way to return home), Cheoljong saw her as a pure-hearted, innocent heart locating enjoy something as easy as falling rainfall. After trying to apologize to her, he brusquely required her to take his umbrella in an attempt to keep her completely dry, after that melted viewers’ hearts by breaking out into a sweet smile as soon as he would certainly reversed and also started walking away.

2. Cheoljong fearlessly diving into the lake to rescue Kim So Yong

Not able to quit thinking of Kim So Yong’s mysterious comment that”whatever will return to its area tomorrow,”Cheoljong instantly became anxious about her safety and security as well as raced to the lake to locate her. After recognizing that she was already submerged, Cheoljong immediately dove into the lake readily to save her. As soon as she had actually reclaimed her awareness, Cheoljong regards expressed his desire to end up being more detailed to Kim So

Yong by informing her,”

It’s not too late for me to start recognizing you currently.”3. “Today is Day 1” In Episode 6, Cheoljong stooped prior to Kim So Yong to ask forgiveness to her for letting his bias obstruct of seeing her for who she really was. He then passionately prompted her to allow them start over on a fresh start, proclaiming, “So today is Day 1” (a modern-day expression generally utilized in Korea to indicate the beginning of a charming connection).

Kim So Yong was horrified by the romantic connotations of the expression in modern day– of which Cheoljong wasn’t aware– customers couldn’t assist however swoon at the serious, sincere method in which Kim Jung Hyun supplied the line.

What are your favorite minutes from “Mr. Queen” up until now? Share your thoughts with us in the remarks listed below!

While you wait on the following episode, catch up on “Mr. Queen” with English subtitles below:

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